The company is located in Thessaloniki,Greece and aims to immediately cover not only the online market, in terms of supply of elastic and non-elastic cords, elastic bands, straps, tresses, fixed tapes of all types. Companypresents a wide range of colors, designs, sizes and product categories emphasizing excellent quality raw materials, following the latest trends of ecological character (materials, packaging, processing). Also, we work carefully among our design teaminside the company, while we accept and complete special orders, guided by company policies based on delivery times and quantities. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers and their long-term cooperation, as well as the research for new challenges of production and opportunities to grow.


The concept of corporate social responsibility symbolizes something important to us, as we set goals that improves the develop of human being in relation to society and environment.

* We assign roles and responsibilities that respect the employee, using equal opportunities and respect, dealing with new opportunities and any threats within the company.

* We follow the rules for the protection of the environment, while building strong relationshipsproviding safety and insurance to our employees.

* Our goal is the greatest action and presence based on public benefit, such as organizations and donations. That means offers of our immediate assistance to necessary health sectors and not only (ex. blood donations, SOS Children’s Village, support of associations and local organizations)


Cordonio is always open to proposals, collaborations and recruitment of new people if it’s necessary, creating new opportunities and long-term goals covering possible gaps. For us it is very important to face new challenges and undertake new projects developing company’s capabilities and its staffs.